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The Norton Gallery
 Which gives us the opportunity to show you what can be done, but our customers are welcome to send us pictures of their machines to be included.

1010- the legendary development hack that existed in many forms- in its current state

P53 (Commander), sold by us in 2006


The "Trendsetter"-
the first P53 with new forks, headlights, radiators, 17" wheels, ally swinging arm

and the first of its sibblings.......

P55, rebuilt by us

The first P55B ("TT" or "F1Sports"), totally rebuilt to "as new" condition by us in 2004

Not a copy of a P55B, though containing lots of carbon......

Another first-
our twoseater version of the P55B. New steel subframe manufactured by us with pillion footrests, new seat with removable pillion cover, special carrier rack.

............ and the follow-up, in JPS colours

What we wanted to build in 1992, but had to buy the Norton rotary business to do it first, only 13 years on....... The Hissy Replica. A small premium to pay for the privilege to manufacture this fine motorcycle, we say.

.......... and, yet again, this became the start of a little batch. Another (yellow!) one exists in Germany.