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Norton Rotary Development (2): BSA/Triumph Prototypes

After the first models had been based on the A65 BSA, there was a switch in Umberslade Hall to a more Triumph based development. The next prototype we have documented is the BSA Bandit/Triumph Fury based one, arguably the nicest of the lot! We thought this motorcycle had never before been in the eyes of the public, but have since been advised- quite rightly- that black-and-white side views of the machine can be found in Bert Hopwoods book "Whatever happened to the British Motorcycle Industry" on page 261!

Imagine a 350cc Triumph Bandit with a 70bhp engine in a very light but strong frame- this would be the author's pick of the prototypes!
The bike used a Wankel twin rotor engine, coupled to a Triumph pre-unit gearbox, possibly with a five-speed cluster. The period must be 1971/72, as drum brakes (Group conical hubs) are used rather than a disc brake at the front. Hopwood dates it 1973, but may be mistaken.