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Norton Rotary Development (7): Norton Prototypes

You may be forgiven to assume rotary development ended with production in 1993. However, this is not so.
When we took over the rotary Norton business, our dream to build the "Hislop Replica" could be realized. What had started as a stillborn idea in 1992 was at last translated into metal in time for our Open Day 2005. This bike integrated  various improvements we had planned for the successor of the F1 Sports ("TT") model- aluminium radiators, with space in between for cold air to get to the airbox; the works race fairing with headlamps; different handlebars with new master cylinders, which are better in ratio; and a two-into one exhaust with a very nice exhaust note.

This is the very first one, at our Open Day 2005. We have since converted more F1Sports to NRS588s.

The bits and pieces to convert an F1Sports to this specification were made available seperately.

A perhaps more typical one was its successor, in the usual cheerful black (below).Other developments were in the pipeline, and a new updated rotary model was on show at our Open Day on 20th May, 2006.