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The Team

Richard Negus, our (now retired) Managing Director, had a lifetime's experience in the motorcycle industry, mainly with Norton, including 21 years with rotary engines. Previously, Richard was Director of Motorcycles, responsible for engineering the Classic, Commander, F1, F1 Sport, and TT588 machines.
In his time as a Norton draughtsman he also made many of the original drawings for the Commando and the still-born Norton Cosworth Challenge.

Richard will undertake servicing and repairs of Norton motorcycles when he has the time. Please contact him through our e-mail address.

Peter Morris has a wide knowledge of Norton rotaries, being an important member of the design / development team that took the Commander and F1 projects through from concept to production.
You may recognise him from the smiling group on page 168 of Kris Perkins' book of Norton Rotaries.

He is an experienced motorcyclist, racer during the '70s on his own Greeves Silverstone and Velocettes, and an everyday, all-weather rider on his CB250RS/Ducati Monster/MZ Scorpion or what is it today, Peter?.

After Richards retirement, Peter looked after the technical queries of rotary owners. 
Peter now works as the chief buyer of Andover Norton International Ltd, our sister company, which looks after rotary spares sales..